Leeds Centre for Crystallization


The Leeds Centre for Crystallization is a newly-established centre for crystallization studies and provides a focus for fundamental and applied research in the field of crystals and crystallization at the University of Leeds.

It brings together researchers from across the university, spanning disciplines ranging from engineering to earth sciences, chemistry to physics, and biology to medicine, and thereby facilitates significant cross department and faculty collaboration.

Crystallization is a hugely important topic that lies at the heart of technological processes and natural phenomena as diverse and significant as the production of pharmaceuticals, nanomaterials and biomaterials, bone and teeth formation and regeneration, the precipitation of ice in the atmosphere and the prevention of scale deposition. Understanding of crystal nucleation and growth processes is therefore essential.

A naturally formed crystal structure
Leeds Centre for Crystallization Annual Meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Leeds Centre for Crystallization will take place on Wednesday 10 September, in the School of Chemistry at the University of Leeds.

Keynote speakers:
Prof. Lia Addadi from the Weizmann Institute of Science, in Israel, and Prof Daan Frankel from the University of Cambridge.

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